tirsdag, august 17, 2010


TH-tekster i tekst - genial læsning!

I could not break away, I thought it was the final day, but you came and you rescued me. Even 1000 oceans could not stop me, I was an Alien. You were screamin' ready set go, and all the black turned white. You said "I am by your side" and showed me the world behind my wall. We were running through the monsoon, you whispered "zoom into me" and you took me to the dark side of the sun. To me you will be forever sacred, cause you were the only humanoid who dared to s c r e a m that all you felt was strange. You saved the forgotten children, and you told them don't jump. They had feel the pain of love, but you took them into the night, even if it was against theire will. You helped them to fly, and to be like a phantomrider. They thought that day would never come, but you Raised your hands, all automatically. I am proud of you, cause in your shadow I can shine.

Lavet af Freja :)

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Anonym sagde ...


Anonym sagde ...

Det lyder som noget Bill ku' sige :)
Fantastisk tekst!!

frejapalsgaard sagde ...

ej hvor sødt at det også et sat herind. Jeg er glad for at i kan lide det, jeg fik lidt inspiration fra en anden th-fan men ellers er det hjemmelavet. :-)
møs. :*